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Meet David

   Born in Kansas City, Missouri, David Brown was a healthy child. Fifteen-months-old, he came down with a disease called Kawasaki which gave him glaucoma, which is nerve damage in the eyes. After that point, his vision continued to take a turn for the worst. Age six, after he lost his left eye due to surgery, his right eye gradually decreased in vision til the age of thirteen. Age eleven, he moved to St. Louis, Missouri to attend the school for the blind and there is where he was introduced to blind sports.

   David was very accomplished in his middle/high school years. He wrestled and was a multiple

conference champion. In track, he broke various national and school records in sprinting and

jumps. He participated in forensics where he competed in great speeches and poetry. He

represented the United States at the International Blind Sports Association(IBSA) games where

he also obtained multiple medals in track and field. Once he graduated, David was invited to

live and train full-time at the Olympic Training Center, now the Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training

Center, in California. During this period, he earned his slot for three Paralympic games and four

world championships. He broke two world records and obtained one Paralympic gold, five world

championship medals, and two Para Pan championship titles. He is an ambassador for blind

soccer in the United States, and a motivational speaker. He also obtained his massage therapy

license and is a certified jump rope trainer.

   As the pandemic hit in 2020, David turned to jump rope as locations to train started to become

less available. His progression grew rapidly and he completely fell in love with the rope. The

dream of creating a business, built around the benefits of jump rope training, became more and

more passionate as time went on. After the 2021 Paralympic Games, David and his wife Rebekah earned their certifications in jump rope training through the Buddy Lee jump rope training system: Jump Rope Training Fundamentals. And thus, at the end of 2021, Team DR Brown LLC was born.

David and Rebekah’s motto: Faith, Fun, Fitness and Food, is their way of life. David quotes: “As an individual I am strong, but as a team I am stronger. And who know what greatness can come from that.”


Do you agree? Thank you for reading David Brown’s Bio, please continue on to read about Rebekah Brown. Also, thank you for joining us via our platforms and community. We are Team DR Brown! 


Meet Rebekah

   Rebekah was born in Newport Beach, California, but moved with her family at the age of one to Las Vegas, Nevada. Homeschooled all her school years, she enjoyed participating in many different sports including soccer, tennis, and swimming, to name a few. At the age of 11, she was in between sports, so her mom signed her up for an archery class. At first she wasn't interested in trying out archery, but once she was forced to attend the class, Rebekah absolutely fell in love with it. She continued to shoot and learn about archery and shot in her first indoor competition seven months later, winning 2nd place at the The Vegas Shoot. Rebekah continued to practice archery recreationally until an injury forced her to choose between two passions.

   Her junior year, at the age of 16, Rebekah broke her foot playing varsity flag football. After missing out on the rest of the football season, and adapting to shooting in a knee chair for two months, Rebekah had to make a decision. Did she want to go back to the field for her senior year of high school; or would she return to the range to dedicate and commit to archery 100%?

                                                              Hanging up her cleats, Rebekah picked up her bow with a new fire ablaze. She                                                                         wanted to work toward making the Olympic Games, but there would be many                                                                             obstacles.

                                                             After her decision, Rebekah traveled and competed for the first time outdoors at the                                                               national level. These tournaments furthered her love for the sport, yet also brought in                                                               new frustrations. Following a disappointing showing at JOAD (Junior Olympic Archery                                                               Development) Nationals, Rebekah had so much pain in her left shoulder that she was                                                               forced to see a doctor. Diagnosed with a sprained AC joint and sidelined yet again,                                                                   Rebekah tackled physical therapy head-on, ready to heal and get back to the range.

                                                              After many weeks of rehab with little to no improvement, Rebekah started to get                                                                     discouraged, but continued on with a brave face. However, it all collapsed as the                                                                       doctor prescribed yet even more time with physical therapy, as the AC joint was not                                                                   healing. Feelings and thoughts of doubt shrouded Rebekah’s mind as she wearily                                                                       continued therapy. At the lowest point of rehab, and one breath away from leaving                                                                   archery forever, something shifted in Rebekah’s mind. Rebekah rose from that point                                                                   with a new focus, and tackled the rest of her physical therapy with a fire in her eyes and                                                             a skip in her step.

   Two years later, at 19 years old, Rebekah battled her way to the Junior United States Team (USAT). This accomplishment forged a path to a trial phase at the Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center, where she was accepted as a Resident Athlete for 2019. 

Rebekah lived and trained full time at the Center in preparation for Olympic Trials later that year. Battling her mind and yet another shoulder injury, she struggled throughout the season, but never lost focus and continued to push toward Olympic Trials. After failing to make the cut, and being asked to leave the Center, Rebekah didn’t know what to feel. So she dug deep down and started grinding on her own, with her boyfriend, now husband, David as her coach. 

Rebekah was introduced to life not as just an archer, but as an athlete. With David now at her side, she learned all aspects of training, from the physical, mental, nutritional, and even spiritual. With this newfound passion for fitness, Rebekah is now certified as a jump rope trainer and a Level 2 Archery Instructor. 

Alongside her husband, she is a co-founder of Team DR Brown LLC and is excited for this journey and for you all to join!

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